What is spiritual Therapy?

Spiritual wellness is an important part of overall mental health and quality of life. Although for some part of spirituality is connected to religion, spirituality looks different to different people. In general, spirituality is a sense of connection to something greater than oneself.

Wholistic Health

Mental wellness is wholistic, this means that all aspects of your health play an important role in your mental well being. Your physical health, emotional health and spiritual health all form the basis of your mental well being.

To restore balance to your life and to improve the quality of your life, it is important to explore all areas of your being. including your spirituality.

Should I rely on medication or spirituality?

Spiritual therapy and inner healing works together with Psychotherapy and psychiatry, to supplement each other in this journey of healing. Healing and managing mental health disorders/ challenges requires a joint effort from all mental health care professionals such as Psychologists, psychiatrist, Occupational therapists and spiritual therapists.

It’s advisable if one is going through a spiritual inner healing process that the person should also continue with other therapies that improve metal wellness. Never should people stop prescribed medication because they’re in a spiritual crisis. click here to find out what role psychiatry and medication play in recovery.

I have discovered people who keep on their medication and psychotherapy while going through the Spiritual program have higher chances of healing compared to those who prematurely abandon medication because they think they are expressing faith. Taking your medication and engaging in psychoeducation is also a sign of faith as you go through Spiritual healing.

Sometimes, aside from psychotherapy and psychiatric reviews, exploring the depths of your soul can play a major role in helping you understand yourself, what you want and help you find inner healing.

At Oasis, we offer spiritual therapy. Both group and individual sessions. Our professional spirital therapist Joel Masawi, has insight, knowledge and experiences that he has collected all through the years of his career and he will gladly help you explore your spirituality and achieve inner peace and healing.

it is possible to book a session with Joel Masawi through the Oasis app, available in the play Store. (link download here)