Oasis Health Specialty Hospital is a mental health care facility committed to the delivery and provision of quality, holistic inpatient and outpatient mental health care services. Our qualified and dedicated multidisciplinary team (which comprises of psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, social workers, occupational therapists, neurologists, nurses and physical activation therapists) work together to promote all round quality support and care for our patients. Located in Peponi Road Westlands (Nairobi, Kenya) the patient centred facility provides a homely and serene environment which offers a relaxing ambience to the patients as they receive treatment and continue with recovery. 

Oasis Health Specialty Hospital and Oasis Nairobi Doctors plaza are the operating division of Oasis Healthcare Group. Oasis Health Specialty Hospital has been distinctively designed, operated and renovated into a high quality medical care facility in the field of Mental Health


“A Platform of Excellence in Healthcare. ”


“To offer holistic customer-centric healthcare through adherence to Best Practice.”


  • GROUP PRACTICE: OMHL fosters a culture of multidisciplinary health care providers working together to ensure quality and holistic care.
  • TEAM WORK:  All members of staff collectively participate in the providence and maintenance of quality care and convenience to our clients.
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: We are a patient -centered facility, committed to meet the clients’ needs with compassion, respect and human dignity.
  • INNOVATION: OMHL is keen on staying up to date with new (evidence based) developments in mental health care as well as coming up with new, creative and effective approaches in the prevention and management of mental health conditions.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: The facility ensures that professional standards are maintained through our commitment to integrity, accountability and patient confidentiality.


Oasis Health Specialty Hospital consists of accredited, licensed and qualified: Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Physicians, Social workers, Occupational therapists, Neurologists, Nurses and Physical activation therapists, all dedicated to serving patients by providing exceptional Mental Health care in accordance to the highest international quality standards.