Often, most people think that abusive relationships mostly entail physical abuse. However, There are different forms of abuse in relationships. Each of them should be taken just as seriously as the other. In other words, abusive behavior may not always cause physical pain or leave a bruise, but it’s still very unhealthy for you. Similarly, there are different types of pain, physical, emotional, psychological, etc. but each pain hurts just as much in its own unique way.

We experience abuse when we are in toxic relationships. Click here to find out how toxic relationships affect your mental health.

There are three main types of abuse

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse/psychological abuse
  • Sexual abuse

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is anything anyone intentionally does to you with the main aim of causing you injury, physical pain, disability, or death.

Examples of physical abuse include:

  • Scratching, punching, biting, strangling, choking, or kicking.
  • Throwing items at you like a phone, book, shoe, or plate.
  • Pulling your hair or grabbing your clothing.
  • Pushing or pulling you, or forcibly.
  • Threatening to use or using a weapon against you.
  • Touching any part of you without your permission or consent.
  • Forcing you to have sex or perform a sexual act.
  • Grabbing your face to make you look at them.
  • Preventing you from leaving or forcing you to go somewhere.

Emotional/ psychological abuse.

Emotional abuse are non-physical behaviors that deeply affect you emotionally. For instance; threats, insults, constant monitoring or “checking up,” excessive texting, humiliation, intimidation, isolation, or stalking.

Emotional abuse is just as bad a physical abuse.

emotional abuse breaks you from the inside

Behaviors that qualify as emotional or verbal abuse include:

  • Calling you names or putting you down.
  • Commandingly Telling you what to do or wear.
  • Yelling or screaming at you.
  • Intentionally embarrassing you in front of others. Starting rumors about you.
  • Preventing you from seeing or communicating with friends or family. Threatening to have your children taken away from you.
  • Damaging your property (throwing objects, punching walls, kicking doors, etc.)
  • Using online communities or communications to control, intimidate, or humiliate you.
  • Blaming abusive or unhealthy behavior on you or your actions.
  • Being jealous of outside relationships or accusing you of cheating.
  • Stalking you or your loved ones.
  • Threatening to harm you, your pet(s), or the people you love.
  • Threatening to harm themselves to keep you from ending the relationship.
  • Gaslighting you by pretending not to understand. Refusing to listen to you; questioning your recollection of facts, events, or sources; trivializing your needs or feelings; or denying previous statements or promises.
  • Making you feel guilty or immature when you don’t consent to sexual activity.
  • Threatening to expose personal details, such as the private information you shared with them out of trust

if you have been experiencing any of the signs of emotional and physical abuse, you are not alone and there is a way out. Reach out to the Oasis Specialty family.

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