May is Mental Health awareness Month! We’re breaking the stigma!

What’s the Current Situation?

Each year millions and millions of people struggle with mental health issues. There is a tremendous increase in cases of; suicide and homicide, depression and anxiety, anger issues, substance use disorders, domestic violence, psychotic disorders and many other mental health related issues. Sad as it is, there’s still is a lot of stigma surrounding mental health struggles.

So, here’s a shocking fact, one out of four random people struggle with mental health issues! that a pretty big number.

”You are more likely to suffer from mental health issues than malaria.”

A lot of people struggle with their mental health. Each one of us has at some point faced heavy mental health challenges. Sadly, the stigma around mental health is un believably huge. You would think that since mental health issues are so common, it would be easier to seek and find help. Instead, we suffer and perish in silence because we shun and are being shunned.

Stigma: We fear what we don’t know

It is true that we fear what we don’t know. Perhaps it’s ignorance that makes us shun people with mental health issues and it’s the same ignorance that makes us fear seeking help or even admitting to yourself that you need help.

Mental health workers and advocates all over the world, work tirelessly to spread mental health awareness and to break the stigma. You don’t have to be a mental health worker to break the stigma. Learning simple stuffs about mental health, practicing them and teaching them to others is a sure way to break the stigma.

The simple things you can learn about mental health could include:

  • Disputing myths and misconceptions, getting the FACTS right.
  • Common mental health issues; causes, symptoms and treatment.
  • Performing mental health first aid on yourself and others.
  • How to support loved ones with mental health struggles
  • The professionals that deal with mental health wellness

You can learn all these by scrolling through our website blogs. Aside from that, at Oasis, you’ll find a wide range of mental health professionals who are ready to help you and your loved one acquire the best mental health services and all the right information you need.

Learn the facts, Spread awareness. Stop the stigma