occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is an approach to health care treatment. It’s used to promote an individual’s wellbeing and quality of life through the use of everyday activities (occupations).

Here are the different activities in occupational therapy.

Occupational therapists help people of all ages and conditions to participate in the activities that they need and want to do, despite any injury, illness, or disability they are experiencing.

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Who benefits from occupational therapy?


Children with conditions such as Autism or Down syndrome need help getting ready in the morning. For instance, they have difficulty in coping with changes in routine. Occupational therapy will improve fine motor and gross motor skills, self-regulation, sensory processing, and communication skills.


Teenagers with ADHD and related conditions have trouble focusing in school, completing tasks, and making friends. Therefore, they could see an Occupational therapist to improve attention, memory, impulse control, planning, time management, and social skills.


Adults with anxiety and depression or other mental health challenges might see an occupational therapist to gain coping skills, develop healthier habits, and learn how to manage symptoms in order to participate fully in work, leisure, and social activities.


Older who have had a stroke, suffer from Alzheimer’s, and other related conditions need Occupational Therapy. As a result, they’ll improve in strength, endurance, range of motion, and learn how to use adaptive equipment to get dressed, cook, clean, and take care of pets.

In conclusion, we learn that everyone can benefit from occupational therapy. However, as essential as it is, not many institutions offer Occupational Therapy in Kenya.

Oasis Health Specialty has a team of the best professional Occupational Therapists in Kenya. They help patients lead normal lives through the different activities in occupational therapy.

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