Sometimes its hard to know whether we need a psychiatrist, whether whatever we’re feeling or going through will fade off with time. Were conditioned to believe that mental and emotional struggles are things that can be “solved” if we are ‘stronger’ more “matured” or even prayed harder.

As much as its true, that being “stronger” and seeking spiritual help improves the situation, more often, seeking help from a psychiatrist is the best decision we can make for ourselves and our loved ones.

Here are some of the indicators that you need Psychiatric assistance

1. Overexcitement, Hyperactivity and restlessness

You have been unusually energetic, excited and restless, You feel very motivated to complete different tasks at the same time, you find yourself jumping into a different task before completing the former. People around you have mentioned that you are not your usual self. You are hyper active to an extent where you are unable to sleep.

2. Low energy, Under excitement, deep sadness.

You have been feeling low to zero motivation for a prolonged period of time. You have feeling of intense sadness that never seem to go away despite the efforts you make to feel better. It has been exceedingly difficult to go about usual activities such as work, cleaning your space or even taking a shower.  You have been feeling this for more than 2 weeks without any improvement.

3. Difficulty in concentrating.

Your attention span has been short. You find it difficult to focus. Your attention drifts away so fast such that you are unable to watch a movie, read or study as you normally would. You drift away mid conversations. Its difficult to focus on activities you would normally do with ease

4. It has been hard to manage your thoughts and (or) feelings

You overthink situations, it’s hard to stop since it’s hard to manage these thoughts or separate them from facts. Sometimes, you don’t think at all, you feel blank and numb. Some of your emotions have been intense, for example, you may have been experiencing extreme feelings of fear, distrust, anger, anxiety and even joy. Sometimes you feel nothing at all, you feel numb and unresponsive. These feeling are hard for you to manage and affect your productivity and normal reaction to occurrence.

5. You are going through a painful life event

You are trying to come to terms with a life changing event , however, it has really taken a toll on you. It has been difficult to adjust, accept, cope and heal.

6. Dependency on a substance use.

Your normal functioning is affected or influenced by a substance intake. This means that you are unable to perform your usual tasks without taking in the substance or, your performance is greatly affected by your substance intake.  Either way, this shows dependence on the substance.

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